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Jaw surgeon, Prosthetic reconstruction, Cosmetically rebuild crowns

Dr. Grazyna Pietrzykowska Cwiek

I graduated from the Poznań University of Medical Sciences in 1989. I did a specialization in dental surgery in 1999.

I treat all patients from small children, through people in the prime of life, to seniors. My patients, even if they were afraid of the dentist before, during my treatment they stop being afraid of dental procedures. They trust me, because I explain everything and explain what I will do during treatment and what the treatment of a given tooth is.

I perform the following procedures: I treat milk and permanent teeth with the best materials on the market, I perform tooth varnishing and sealing for children and adults, I instruct proper oral hygiene, cosmetically rebuild crowns of damaged and broken teeth, I perform prosthetic reconstruction of the tooth crown through a crown-insert root and porcelain crown, I make porcelain bridges and acrylic, acetal and skeletal prostheses, partial and complete, prostheses with clamps and latches, I treat paradontosis prophylactically, I carry out preventive orthodontic treatment, I treat temporomandibular joint diseases and inflammation of the mucosa, I perform mucosal inflammation, teeth and I remove teeth. I invite all patients to dental visits.