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Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the tried and tested method for teeth straightening, correcting the alignment of teeth and facial asymmetries. They consist of metal brackets which are bonded on the outer/front surface of the teeth. Metallic braces were among the first orthodontic appliances that were introduced for orthodontic treatment of misaligned or crooked teeth. Still, they are being commonly used in orthodontics, besides other types of braces such as ceramic braces and lingual braces.

What are metal braces made of?

Since the braces remain in the oral cavity for an extended time duration, they are prepared from materials that possess sufficient strength and excellent resistance to corrosion. Therefore, conventional metal braces are made of high quality stainless steel or titanium alloys.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

The metal brackets are attached to the teeth directly with the help of the bonding agent.

Earlier metal bands were used on which the metal brackets were welded and these bands were cemented separately on each tooth surface. But this is outdated as it was not at all esthetically pleasant.

Archwire is a wire available in different dimensions and shapes in different cross sections which are inserted in the bracket slots, secured with a ligature wire/ elastic ligature ties.

In what colors can you get metal braces?

Metal brackets and archwires are available only in metallic silver color.

The elastic ties are available in plenty of colors, like a palette of an artist.

Available in red, blue, green, pink, violet, purple, maroon, silver, grey, yellow, orange, black, white, clear etc. Even shades of these colrs are available like dark blue, light blue, royal blue, indigo blue etc.

The color can be chosen based on the patient’s choice and skin tone. With every appointment they can be changed. Usually kids are more excited to choose their favorite one.

Getting used to metal braces

After getting your braces, it is common to have difficulty in eating and speaking for the first few days. However, your mouth will soon get used to the “additional” appliances and they will become a part of your oral cavity. Make sure that you maintain an impeccable oral hygiene and avoid sticky and hard foods during your treatment.

Can I switch from metal braces to ceramic braces / Invisalign?

Yes, it can be done. But before placing any brackets, bonding is preceded with acid etching of the teeth to achieve stronger bond strength. Removal of the metal braces and switching onto ceramic ones requires re-etching.

This actually weakens the enamel surface. Even during debonding of the brackets, there is a danger of micro-fractures within the enamel. So, it’s better to decide and discuss the treatment plan and options with your dentist before starting the treatment.

Treatment Price List

Consultation (for continuation of the treatment from another medical clinic)
1 arch £200 / 2 arches £250
Dental x-ray analysis + choosing the right type of braces
Metal braces
Emergency appointment (for patients from another medical clinic)
Removable braces (1 arch)
Removal of braces (2 arches, retainer)
Additional Retainer – 1 arch (impression + retainer)
From £100
Additional Retainer – 2 arches (impression + retainers)
From £200

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